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Unomor 3.25 Feet Artificial Wedding Hanging Flowers Wisteria for Wedding Decorations—8Pcs (White)

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  1. BEAUTIFUL, REALISTIC WISTERIA VINES AND FLOWERS. You get eight pieces of vine, each with two sections: one about 2 ft long and the other about 1 ft. Both have foliage and flowers.
    A WONDERFUL DECORATION FOR WEDDINGS AND OTHER OCCASIONS. These lush artificial wisteria vines are beautiful and a perfect symbol of spring and renewed life for any occasion.
    HIGH QUALITY ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FOLIAGE. The petals of the flowers are made of silk. Both the flowers and leaves are delicately painted in soft colors for a realistic look.
    GREAT FOR ALL SORTS OF DECORATING. For special occasions or long-term, for indoors or outdoors, by themselves or as part of an arrangement of artificial flowers.
    NO-RISK PURCHASE; FULL 1-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.

Traditionally, the beautiful and delicate flowers of the wisteria vine have symbolized love, sensuality, sensitivity and tenderness. The plentiful flowers on the vine also signify the abundance of love and endless rich sources of joy in our lives.
So these artificial white wisteria flowers make a perfect decoration for weddings, for many other occasions, and for no occasion at all beyond our simple enjoyment of beauty.
In this purchase you get eight sections of wisteria vine, each one with two stems containing both leaves and many flower blossoms. The longer of the two stems is about two feet long, and the shorter about one foot. These vines can be used in endless ways: hung along the border of a ceiling, over doorways, draping over the edge of a vase containing other floral decorations, wound along a trellis in a garden, and so on.
These artificial flowers are sturdy and won't fall apart if exposed to outdoor weather. They can be used and reused, or just kept installed in the same place for months and years.
So whether for a special occasion, as something to incorporate into your long-term decorating, or perhaps both, these beautiful, realistic and unusual flowers are sure to bring joy and grace to your home.
This UNOMOR product is sold with a one-year full money-back guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a replacement or refund. 

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