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Halloween Pencil with Eraser in 8 Different Pattern Party Favor , Pack of 48

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  1. A Great Gift for Special Day - A big box of 48 pencils in 8 cute Halloween designs with colorful erasers.
    Quality, Smooth-Writing Pencils - Made from first-level basswood and leads with 3.0mm diameter HB hardness.
    Eco-Friendly material - Non Toxic and non plastic added, sharpen easily that won’t hurt your hands.
    Unique Packaging- Comes in an attractive cylindrical box with Halloween-themed decoration. Good for storing your pencils or as a gift box.

Still worry about the Halloween gift for kids this year? - Sometimes you just can't beat a good old-fashioned wooden pencil. They're great for pre-schoolers just learning to doodle, and just as great for scientists and mathematicians writing out complex formulas and equations. 

And these pencils are decorated with cute little Halloween images such as ghosts and witches, pumpkins. So they'd be nice as a Halloween gift, and for any other time of year when some cutely decorated pencils are called for -- either as a gift or for yourself. 

There are 48 of these pencils in 8 different designs. They come in a cylindrical box and are high-quality black pencils with 3.0mm HB leads and an eraser on each one. 

High print effect. Printing with thermal transfer processing, making the patterns smoother and beautiful, vivid colors, not easily deformed. 

Package Includes: 
48 * Pencils 
1 * Cylindrical Store Box 

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