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2 Pack Halloween Brain Gelatin Mold Plastic Zombie Brain Jello Mold for Halloween Party Supplies

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  1. STURDY QUALITY PLASTIC MOLDS. This includes Halloween brain and skull mold set are made of high quality plastic and thickness reached 1.58mm which make sure the molds could be used many times. You can make all sorts of dessert gelatin recipes using these molds and be assured of easy de-molding and great results.
    EASY TO DEMOULDING. Recipes are painted on the package and the molds are designed well to ensure the exactly shaping and easy to demoulding. Each mold can be filled with any color gelatin you like to create a cake, jello, ice cream for your guests, kids will absolutely love your gelatin desserts made in these molds.
    IDEAL FOR HALLOWEEN OR THEMED PARTY. Desserts made in these molds are guaranteed to be the hit at any Halloween party, also great for any zombie or Walking Dead themed party, or just to give your family a laugh on any random day.
    CARTON BOX PACKAGED. The molds are packaged with box which ensure the integrity and also a great holiday gift idea to friends and family.

Kids are sure to laugh with delight when they see the gelatin desserts you've made with these brain and skull gelatin molds.
And they'll laugh even harder when they start spooning out servings of jiggly brains and skull!

These are quality, long-life gelatin molds that can be used with all sorts of gelatin dessert recipes, including fancy ones with fruit, ice cream, marshmallows, cream cheese -- or just plain old Jello by itself.
You can be sure of easy de-molding; just spray the inside of the mold with a spray oil before pouring in the dessert.
Some recipes are printed on the box, and of course there are many more available on the web and in cookbooks.

So order now to keep all the little zombies at your next party entertained with delicious, healthful, and most of all, hilarious desserts made with these molds!

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