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Christmas Gift Bags in 4 Sizes and 4 Designs, with Ribbon Ties- Pack of 40

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  1. A GREAT WAY TO WRAP CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Your presents will look gorgeous in these glossy, beautifully designed Christmas gift bags.
    FOUR DIFFERENT SIZES. You'll have bags to fit most any present with our Jumbo (21.3*16.5"), Large (16.9*11.4"), Medium (12.6*9.4") and Small sizes (8.7*6.3").
    FOUR DIFFERENT PATTERNS: Red, green and white stripes; Santa stockings and mittens; a fun jumble of reindeer, Santa hats and more; and an iridescent starburst pattern.
    DURABLE AND REUSABLE. Made from food grade aluminized polymer, these eco-friendly bags can be enough sturdy and reused by the person you give the gift to.
    NO RISK PURCHASE; full money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately send you a replacement or refund your purchase price.

A beautiful gift bag is not only one of the best-looking ways to wrap a gift, it's also the easiest.
No messing with wrapping paper and tape and scissors, no worrying about trying to do a neat job on something that's just going to get torn up and thrown away.
Just drop the gift into one of the four sizes of Christmas Gift Bag, tie it up with a bow using our included ribbon, and you're done!

Three of the designs on the bags are fun and cheerful Christmas patterns, and the fourth is a beautiful multi-color starburst pattern that can be used for Christmas or any other time of year.
Each pattern has 10 bags, perfect size for toys, candies, gifts and more! You can find one that's perfect for each recipient!

Even better, these Christmas gift bags are durable enough to be reusable. Unlike wrapping paper, which just goes into a landfill after one use,
these bags can be reused by the person who receives one, then reused again by the next person, and so on. The aluminized polymer material of these bags keeps on looking great.

What you can get:
10 * Jumbo Christmas gift bags
10 * Large Christmas gift bags
10 * Medium Christmas gift bags
10 * Small Christmas gift bags
40 * White ribbons

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