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Christmas Ornament Storage Box with 27 Compartments

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    The best way to store Christmas tree ornaments from year to year
    Three drawers with nine compartments each gives you individual storage for 27 ornaments
    The dividers can be removed or folded to combine compartments and make room for larger ornaments
    Handles are stitched on for easy carrying
    The container and dividers can be folded flat when not in use

Christmas tree ornaments are often treasured family heirlooms, dating back generations and carrying precious memories of past holidays.

Now here's a great way to store and protect your ornaments, keeping them organized and safe as they go into the attic or closet until the next year.
These boxes are made from sturdy, rigid cardboard, sleeved inside nylon Oxford fabric.
A clear PVC top cover lets you see the top layer -- very handy for reminding you which ornaments are in which box.
With compartments for 27 standard-size ornaments, two or three of these boxes should be enough for even a big collection.
They can be stacked one atop another, and the nylon handles make it easy to move them about.
The three-drawer arrangement means that you don't have to unpack the whole box to find one ornament on the bottom,
further protecting any fragile ornaments you might have from unnecessary handling.

Package Include: 1 Christmas Ornament Storage Box    

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