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Happy Birthday Party Decorations Includes Happy Birthday Banner, 6 Colorful Paper Honeycomb Balls, 2

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  1. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DECORATE FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY! A Happy Birthday banner, paper honeycomb balls, big balloons and a hand balloon pump. They all use the same set of great colors, so everything looks coordinated.
    THE BANNER consists of individual letters in different colors that hang from an included ribbon. You can hang the "Happy" and "Birthday" separately or together, or tape up the letters individually.
    THE HONEYCOMB PAPER BALLS come in 6 rich colors and are about 8 inches in diameter. Just open them up and use tape or a paperclip to hold them open, then hang them with the attached string loop.
    THE BALLOONS come in 4 great colors and you get a full 24 of them. No party is complete without balloons, either filled with air or with helium. Tape these to the walls, to the table, etc.
    THIS IS A NO-RISK PURCHASE; FULL ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.

When you're celebrating a birthday, especially for a child, decorating the room is almost as important as cake and ice cream!
And with this single kit you'll have all the birthday decorations you need: A banner with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in multi-colored letters, beautiful hanging paper honeycomb balls, a big pack of 24 colored balloons, and a hand pump.

Each of these items can be used in different ways, so let your imagination run free. The banner can be hung from the ceiling or on a wall, and the two words can be hung with "Happy" over "Birthday" or all on one ribbon.
Or you could take the letters off the ribbon and attach the letters to the table or to a wall in any arrangement you like.

The honeycomb paper balls can be hung from the ceiling all in a group, or scattered in different places and at different heights around the room.

And here are some tips for the balloons: Try inflating some more than others to so you get a variety of sizes and also variations in the color. Attach a bunch to the corners of the birthday person's chair to make it a "throne" for the day.
With this birthday decorating kit and your imagination, you'll be all set to make any birthday celebration into something truly festive and special!

Package Includes:
1x "Happy Birthday" rainbow banner
6 x Paper honeycomb balls
24 x Latex balloons
1 x Hand Balloon Pump

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