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Heart Stickers Valentine Stickers for Kids, 3 Rolls Adhersive Stickers with 20 Different Designs for Valentine's Day - 300 Pack

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  1. A Huge Collection Of 300 Beautiful Heart Stickers - Comes in three rolls of 100 stickers each, each heart sticker is about 1.6 inches tall, and there are 20 different colorful designs. The roll protects your stickers and keeps them new.
    Adopted Laminated Paper With Strong Self-Stick Adhesive - These stickers won't fall off, but because they're made of tough material they won't tear when you want to take them off.
    20 Great Multi-Color Designs - There are swirls, zig-zags, hearts inside of hearts, flowers inside of hearts, polka-dots, and more. There is no brandname or other text printed on these; just beautiful patterns. Acid-free, nontoxic, and safe for use.
    Perfect For Valentine's Day Decorations - Ideal for home-made Valentine cards, decorating posters of your favorite musician or movie star, or even sticking to your clothes or skin for a day.
    Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.

Just look at the pictures of these beautiful heart stickers on this page, and imagine what you could do with 300 of them! 
They'll be great for Valentine's Day decorations of course, but they're a beautiful decoration any time of year. 
Each heart is about 1.6 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide, and there are 20 different eye-catching designs to choose from.

Apply these to boxes, envelopes, bags, notebook covers, or your own skin or clothing. 
Maybe you have a photograph or poster that would be improved by some stick-on hearts. 
And speaking of which, a perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone would be a framed photo of yourself, 
enhanced with two or three of these colorful hearts in the background. The self-sick adhesive used is good for permanent application on most surfaces, 
but can also be peeled off of many materials except paper.

The uses are limited only by your imagination. Order today and see where your heart takes you!


These stickers have a strong adhesive on the back. They can be removed from most surfaces, 
but they could cause damage to delicate materials such as paper, cardboard or indoor walls. Test on a small area if you aren't sure. 
Do not stick to delicate skin areas, such as eyes, mouth, etc.

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