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Jumbo Plastic Easter Egg Containers, Assorted Colors, Pack of 12

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  1. 5.5" TALL x 3.5" DIAMETER PLASTIC EASTER EGGS YOU CAN FILL WITH SURPRISES AND TREATS. Add something special to an Easter egg hunt by using these giant-sized eggs.
    GIVE KIDS SOMETHING BESIDES CANDY AS THEIR EASTER GOODIES. Use these eggs to hold fun and interesting toys, art supplies, games, even small books.
    FUN COLORS, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Coming in six bright colors, these eggs have a twist-closure so they won't fall open if dropped. They're made from totally food-safe polypropylene.
    LOTS OF USES. These eggs have a flat base, so you could fill them with goodies and set them out as party favors. When the goodies are gone, they can be used to store all sorts of things.

These big, colorful and fun plastic Easter eggs can be used for all sorts of great things at an Easter party or Easter egg hunt. Instead of just candy, these eggs could be filled with other sorts of treats. 

(Here's a tip: Write each child's name on one of the eggs, and make it a rule that kids can only pick up an egg they find if it has their name on it. That way you can personalize the presents and make 

sure that each kid gets only one.)  

At a sit-down Easter brunch, you could set an egg at each place-setting and fill it with candies or other treats. The plastic of these eggs is food-safe polypropylene, so you can even use them to serve dessert. 

These eggs are nicely made, with tops that screw on and off; secure but easy to remove. The colors are gorgeous and joyful, and with 12 of them you'll have enough for everyone.

Dimensions: 9 * 14cm/ 3.54 * 5.5 inch (L * W). 

Package including: 1 * Set of 12pcs Jumbo Easter Eggs


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